Life in the Sea Glass Lane We love colors borrowed from the sea and are inspired by the perfect imperfections of sea glass. We believe you don't have to be born beautiful to become wildly attractive. Our lives are transformed by time and turbulence, jagged edges soften, become rounded, new shapes form and we become a unique treasure with a beautiful patina. We look for clothes and jewelry that evoke an easy and effortless lifestyle with a soothing color palette of blue, green, white, sand, pink and coral. Delightful patterns and flowing body styles of linen and cotton capture the happy simplicity of island life. Our store is filled with optimism, shiplap and plenty of white paint. We believe that at the end of the day your feet should be sandy, your hair salty, and your soul at peace from the small joys of a simple life. So put down the map, lay in the sun, count every beautiful thing you see and get wonderfully lost on Sea Glass Lane.